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Dragon King's Son-In-Law
Dragon King’s Son-In-Law

NovelDragon King’s Son-In-LawDragon King’s Son-In-Law
Chapter 580 greasy stew
“School’s okay . Grandfather, how was the visit to Yuhuang Mountain?” Hao Ren asked .
Zhao Guang smiled as he spotted them wanting to assume responsibilty and cover for every single other .
“Zi! Supper time!” Zhao Hongyu yelled downstairs .
Probation was much more serious, therefore, the university necessary for it to be noise far more fair and had to provide from the overcome outside of the classes .
“Fine . ” Zhao Yanzi pulled back her go . Her face was red-colored, and a corner of her jaws was a tad damp .
Zhao Guang without delay thought that Zhao Yanzi triggered the effort and dragged Hao Ren in there when Zhao Yanzi declared that Hao Ren didn’t a single thing wrong .
Copying the first 100 chapters in Guwen Guanzhi would bring almost a full evening!
Hao Ren looked over her very closely, decreased his brain, and kissed her lip area another time .
Despite the fact that Zhao Guang declared that he was just intending to check with the school, Zhao Yanzi knew that her dad could definitely pull away Hao Ren’s discipline .
“Dad… will you aid me with something?” Zhao Yanzi suddenly cut off every time they were actually almost performed with supper .
“Zi, I hope you together with Xie Yujia is certain to get along better from now on,” Zhao Guang mentioned as he spotted Zhao Yanzi’s pouting, greasy mouth .
Zhao Yanzi didn’t communicate with Hao Ren . She checked out her due diligence, pouted, and performed a ballpoint pen as she made an effort to remedy the down sides .
“Glance at the difficulty brought on by you! I could call up him, but you need to version lower everything in the primary 100 chapters of your Guwen Guanzhi!” Zhao Guang reported within a stern strengthen .
Hao Ren touched his nostril and went through awkwardly . He didn’t expect that Zhao Yanzi would consider to eliminate his penalty for him he idea she was only gloating through his misfortune .
The air conditioning was switching and producing noises on the quiet room, and the sound of lip area touching was noticeable as well . Zhao Yanzi checked adorable as her body system made sideways and her arm leaned against Hao Ren’s upper body .
After she concluded writing the math and English exam reports, she intended to duplicate the earliest 100 chapters about the Guwen Guanzhi later tonight so you can hand it into Zhao Guang by down the road morning hours .
“Oh yeah!” Zhao Yanzi responded unwillingly .
“Indeed!” Zhao Yanzi pressed the test papers before Hao Ren .
When she came across complicated issues, she enjoyed a habit of biting the top of the pen, and she pouted her pinkish lip area and frowned as well . It was subsequently quite interesting watching her .
Zhao Yanzi didn’t maintenance that Hao Ren was staring at her and ongoing solving the down sides . She organised her anger to herself and idea, “Every little thing about Xie Yujia is extremely good . Even her levels are close to great . But can’t I gain against her?”
“Um, how’s school?” Zhao Guang requested .
Hao Ren found a pen to check on Zhao Yanzi’s problems . When Zhao Yanzi was undertaking the queries, he considered them concurrently . Hence, he essentially realized if Zhao Yanzi does them correctly or not .
Though Zhao Guang declared that he was only likely to inquire the college, Zhao Yanzi was aware that her dad could definitely take out Hao Ren’s penalty .
If Zhao Yanzi didn’t let them know, she wouldn’t are aware that Hao Ren was obtaining a intense penalties like probation .
“And below, it’s your outdated behavior . Don’t be too careless about eliminating definite values…”
Zhao Yanzi noticed that Hao Ren tried to control the fault, and her view increased in confusion .
“Zi! Meal time!” Zhao Hongyu yelled downstairs .
She knew that Hao Ren acquired finished a lot on her behalf and was handled by those ideas, but she noticed envious when she discovered Hao Ren and Xie Yujia alongside one another .
Zhao Yanzi spotted that Hao Ren made an effort to dominate the blame, and her eyes increased in misunderstandings .
When Zhao Yanzi spotted Zhao Guang’s teeth, she considered that there might be a twist towards the situation . She idea, “I didn’t think that there would be occasions where Dad would display leniency . “
When it had been right before, she would wish Hao Ren to move without delay and also be the only individual from the sleeping quarters . Having said that, she still wished Hao Ren to keep with her when she explained she desired Hao Ren to have now .
Observing Hao Ren still going for walks in excess of, Zhao Yanzi blushed, grabbed the ballpoint pencil for the desk, and continued to accomplish the arithmetic exam pieces of paper .

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