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Let Me Game in Peace

NovelLet Me Game in PeaceLet Me Game in Peace
Chapter 1167 – Unable to Tell the Truth amount quaint
“You hold saying that the Dugu family is good. Then call other people in the Dugu household out.” Unkilling Dugu obtained clearly idea of this.
The black colored-robed man frowned and mentioned, “Boundless Mountain peak is in an ethereal express. No one can show up.”
“Are you likely to inform Zhou Wen you are the only person guarding the complete Myriad Elephant Valley these days?” Unkilling Dugu reported coldly.
“Second Grasp hasn’t went back at all. It’s naturally unattainable for him to partic.i.p.consumed in the great wedding service,” the black-robed male said.
Zhou Wen found each of these change terms. Though what Unkilling Dugu explained made sensation, he couldn’t completely think it.
The dark-robed man in the front stopped and stared at Unkilling Dugu using a sneer. “So that’s the way is. You should use Zhou Wen’s strength to rush in to the s.h.i.+nra Temple. What a great program.”
The dark colored-robed gentleman responded to, “Others will definitely expire whenever they get into, but it is diverse if Unkilling Dugu goes in. If he gets into, not simply will he not pass on, but he will likely obtain extremely terrifying ability. We definitely can’t let him enter into.”
Zhou Wen really couldn’t tell who has been conversing the reality.
Section 1167: Not able to Tell reality
The dark-robed gentleman in the front quit and stared at Unkilling Dugu with a sneer. “So that’s the way it is. You would like to use Zhou Wen’s strength to speed into the s.h.i.+nra Temple. Precisely what a excellent system.”
“Nonsense. The track you happen to be heading in could be the s.h.i.+nra Temple. Zhou Wen, this is the solution to Boundless Mountain peak. You will need to trust me,” mentioned Unkilling Dugu anxiously.
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Myriad Elephant Valley searched similar to a valley externally, but right after wandering in, he saw that there was clearly a lot of clouds when in front of him. Regular mountain / hill peaks protruded from your seas of clouds. It turned out an enchanting scene.
“I do not know. This can be a secret of my Dugu family. Simply the patriarchs be aware of facts,” the black colored-robed mankind reported.
Even so, Zhou Wen didn’t start to see the picture from the struggle, neither did he find out any indications of conflict. It was different from what Unkilling Dugu experienced mentioned.
Chapter 1167: Cannot Inform the facts
“You keep saying that the Dugu household is fine. Then phone other individuals the Dugu family out.” Unkilling Dugu acquired clearly contemplated this.
The Dugu family’s aged household was extremely mystical, mysterious to outsiders. Zhou Wen didn’t know very much about Myriad Elephant Valley, so he couldn’t help but marvel at such a landscape.
“I don’t know. It is a mystery of my Dugu friends and family. Exactly the patriarchs know the real truth,” the black color-robed guy stated.
“Are you gonna show Zhou Wen that you are currently the only person protecting the full Myriad Elephant Valley currently?” Unkilling Dugu claimed coldly.
“The subject is pretty difficult. It is an extensive, challenging history. To place it merely, it’s in connection with Unkilling Dugu’s Life Providence. If he makes its way into and obtains the power of the s.h.i.+nra Temple, not simply will our Dugu spouse and children be destroyed, however the whole Federation may also be greatly damaged. Consequently, we definitely can’t let him become successful,” the black color-robed mankind mentioned.
“What type of put is s.h.i.+nra Temple?” Zhou Wen couldn’t choose who to listen to.
The dark colored-robed person hesitated for a moment before presenting to Zhou Wen, “Today may be the day of our own Dugu family’s huge marriage ceremony. Apart from me in control of protecting the pa.s.s, everybody else is in Boundless Mountain / hill. If you never trust me, you’ll know when you buy there.”
Zhou Wen was thrilled when he observed that Chick possessed a really modification capacity. He brought Ya’er onto Chick’s backside as Tsukuyomi as well as the antelope implemented.
“What’s suppressed in s.h.i.+nra Temple? A dimensional creature? Guardian? Or possibly is it another thing?” Zhou Wen acquired no selection but to carry on questioning.
Zhou Wen found the two of these change words and phrases. However what Unkilling Dugu said made sense, he couldn’t completely think it.
“What variety of put is s.h.i.+nra Temple?” Zhou Wen couldn’t determine who to hear.
Just as Zhou Wen was about to summon his traveling by air attach, he spotted Chick flap its wings and immediately travel up. It grew larger and larger in midair, swiftly rotating in to a wonderful cloud.
Zhou Wen was excited as he observed that Chick had this type of transformation ability. He transported Ya’er onto Chick’s lower back as Tsukuyomi plus the antelope adhered to.
Chick glared at Unkilling Dugu when he wished to arise.
“Zhou Wen, I understand that you have a good interaction.h.i.+p with Secondly Learn. When you are tricked by him and forcefully barge in the s.h.i.+nra Temple, my Dugu family are going to be severely broken. How can Secondly Master forgive him self?” the dark-robed male stated.
“Zhou Wen, he’s stalling for time. Subsequent Expert plus the sleep are kept in Boundless Mountain. Once we are later, I am frightened there’ll be no pray,” Unkilling Dugu said anxiously.
Unkilling Dugu wasn’t in the frame of mind to hassle over this. He summoned an avian Mate Monster and followed.
Nevertheless, Zhou Wen was even more pleased to believe Unkilling Dugu. That was because up to now, that they had not seen a second an affiliate the Dugu family. In the event the dark colored-robed man was showing the facts, why didn’t part of the Dugu spouse and children end up to aid him describe?
“Zhou Wen, he’s stalling for time. Subsequent Become an expert in as well as relaxation are held in Boundless Hill. When we are overdue, I’m afraid there’ll be no desire,” Unkilling Dugu reported anxiously.
Zhou Wen was glad when he spotted that Chick possessed such a change skill. He maintained Ya’er onto Chick’s lower back as Tsukuyomi as well as the antelope observed.
Immediately after traveling by air for a short time, Unkilling Dugu suddenly shouted, “That’s not proper. The course he’s heading in isn’t Boundless Hill. That’s…”
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Zhou Wen viewed the black color-robed man who claimed, “s.h.i.+nra Temple is indeed our Dugu family’s not allowed sector. Outsiders are certainly not in a position to enter. It’s extremely risky within.”
Zhou Wen was pleased as he noticed that Chick had this sort of transformation potential. He taken Ya’er onto Chick’s rear as Tsukuyomi as well as antelope adopted.
The black color-robed guy in-front ended and stared at Unkilling Dugu by using a sneer. “So that’s the actual way it is. You need to use Zhou Wen’s sturdiness to dash to the s.h.i.+nra Temple. Such a great program.”
Chick glared at Unkilling Dugu when he planned to come up.
The black colored-robed mankind in front ended and stared at Unkilling Dugu which has a sneer. “So that’s the way is. You want to use Zhou Wen’s energy to speed into your s.h.i.+nra Temple. Precisely what a very good approach.”

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